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John Bradberry Charlotte NC, M.A.
Over twenty years as a business advisor and strategist, John Bradberry has improved the performance of more than a thousand leaders and hundreds of teams. Since 1997, he has led an independent consulting practice focused on helping businesses of all sizes elevate performance and achieve healthy growth. He has been an adjunct faculty member with Mercer Delta’s Executive Learning Center (now Oliver Wyman) since 1998, delivering leadership programs in the U.S., Mexico, and Europe. Clients have included Sun Microsystems, Novartis, Coca-Cola, and Bank of America.

In early 2007, John launched an extended study to identify the universal factors that drive new venture success, and to develop tools and applications for entrepreneurs and investors. His first book on the subject was published by the American Management Association in March of 2011. He has also contributed a chapter on entrepreneurship for the 2010 Pfeiffer Annual: Leadership Development (Wiley).

Before launching his consulting practice, John:
  • Worked with First Union Corporation (now Wachovia/Wells Fargo) in several senior consulting roles. While there, he profiled the company’s top thirty corporate executives, worked to successfully integrate newly merged functions and regions within the bank, and designed and led corporate leadership training programs.
  • Was a consultant with Kepner-Tregoe, a global management-consulting firm based in Princeton, NJ. His clients included Fuji Film, Merck, Nortel, and IBM. In this role he managed client accounts, partnered with client leadership teams to lead organizational improvement efforts, and trained managers in problem-solving and decision-making skills.
  • Worked as a group leader at Elk Hill Farm, an award-winning residential school for troubled youth. In this role, he counseled individual residents, facilitated group and family counseling sessions, and supervised a team of counselors.
John earned a master’s degree in psychology from the University of Richmond, where he was honored as the Psychology Department's Outstanding Graduate Student in 1991, and is a 1983 graduate of Davidson College. He lives in Charlotte, N.C., with his wife Kristin and daughters Phoebe and Isabelle.

Selected Testimonials
"John has as a rich collection of unique traits seen in isolation across successful coaches, analysts, strategists and even therapists ... his blend of careful listening, thoughtful analysis and creative problem solving provided numerous tactics enabling our execution in diverse areas of the business and built my confidence as a founder and fledgling CEO in the process.

John really takes a holistic view of the startup enterprise - few individuals understand nor are interested in exploring the intimate relationships and inter-connectedness of everything from finance, marketing, product dev, sales, team building and vision. "
S. Mark Williams, Ph.D., Founder & CEO - Modality, Inc.

"John possesses an extraordinary blend of wisdom, business savvy, and practical knowledge. His ability to elicit the best from those he works with is distinctive, and sets him apart from the pack in terms of his effectiveness. John works with a wide range of clients, from venture start-ups to large corporations, and has impacted them all through his thoughtful insights. John never fails to get to the heart of issues and work collaboratively to move to successful – and sometimes surprising or unique – outcomes. His clients have said that his values and ethics come through and create a powerful foundation from which to work."
Colleen Gentry, SVP, Wachovia / Wells Fargo

"Your role was invaluable in supporting our ability to tackle difficult issues, seek workable solutions, and produce real, measurable change as a result of the process.

Particularly helpful was your attention to both "hard" and "soft" issues. On the one hand you accomplished project tasks and facilitated decisions on key strategic and operational issues. At the same time you insisted that we deal with important cultural and relationship factors, an approach that ultimately boosted our momentum for change. Your successful management of this complex project has strengthened the partnership between these two agencies in ways we had not anticipated. We sincerely thank you for your outstanding work throughout this lengthy and painstaking process."
Assistant Director, Mecklenburg County Government Dept.

Other Client Comments

John Bradberry . . .
. . . "is a person of principles.  He is very centered on what he believes in and uses this in his personal and professional life.”

. . . "probes – John is good at asking tough questions, and he only does it after he has listened and gathered insight.”

. . . "effectively moves a group toward the meat of an issue, not allowing clients to dodge the issues.  He accomplishes this with grace, which seems to be somewhat of an art.”

. . . "understands the dynamics associated with bringing groups toward consensus (groups that begin with opposing interests).”

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