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Market Orientation
Ready Founder Services helps new venture teams assess their target market and shape offerings to match customer demand and larger market forces.

Millions of new products and services fail each year because customers don’t care, aren’t ready, or simply won’t pay. One of the strongest predictors of success for a new venture is whether the business idea is matched by robust market demand.
  • Does the idea spring from the marketplace itself, from a clear understanding of the customers and competitors in that market?
  • Is the offering aimed at the market sweet spot, where demand is greatest and a favorable response most likely?
Market oriented entrepreneurs do three things to ensure that their big idea connects with the right market opportunity:
  • They obsessively emphasize the market and the customer. This is a mindset issue: How do you think about your business relative to the customers you serve? Are you building your business from the outside in? Are you starting with the market, and designing your business from there, or are you a product in search of a market?
  • They strive to understand their markets and customers. How well do you know your core customers, their needs and preferences, and the problems you are solving for them? How will you improve this knowledge over time?
  • They effectively deliver on their promise. How will you skillfully market and sell your offerings? What kind of sales and delivery models will lead to success? How will you exceed your customers’ expectations?

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