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Compelling Math Story
Your math story is the organizing logic of your new venture — what you are attempting to build and how — with numbers attached. A good math story cuts through the window-dressing typically attached to business plans and hones in on issues and variables that should be kept front-of-mind.

What is your business model and why is it compelling? What will it cost, in human and financial terms, to launch and grow the venture? What is your likeliest path to break-even and beyond? How will your expected returns and cash flows provide for stability and growth? Have you considered and prepared for best- and worst-case scenarios?

Ready Founder Services helps clients rigorously think through these and related questions, bringing priorities into clear focus and providing a framework for steering the business forward.

Principles include:
  • Cultivate Clear Thinking - Boil your game plan down to its most important and actionable elements.
  • Don’t Confuse Numbers with Objectivity – Understand and track assumptions that underlie your financial projections, and find ways to gather relevant facts in key areas.
  • Ensure the Right Funding – Understand and exceed your capital requirements to significantly elevate odds of success.
  • Communicate Frequently and Concisely – A compelling well-told math story will help you recruit partners, team members, funders, and customers.
  • Stay flexible – The value of planning comes from thinking and debating, not from the amount of paper generated. Much about your future is unknowable, so prepare to quickly learn and adapt as you move forward.
  • Take control – Ensure that adequate financial controls are in place, so that your evolving financial picture is as transparent as possible.

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