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The Right Funding
Ready Founder Services helps venture teams realistically evaluate capital needs and develop funding strategies for a successful launch.

Securing the right funding means (1) gaining access to the right amount of capital, and (2) finding the most advantageous mix of sources for your particular purpose and situation.
  • Raise more than you think you will need. New owners typically view their business through rose-colored glasses, overestimating early revenues and underestimating early costs. A general rule of thumb: Everything will take longer, and cost more, than you expect.
  • Take the long view. Work to understand the longer-term implications of funding decisions. Too many entrepreneurs address today’s funding needs in ways that limit future options.
  • Understand your control needs. Few funding sources come without some loss of control.
  • Raise money before you need it. Nothing scares away investors and lenders like an entrepreneur in financial crisis. If you have developed a clear math story, you should be able to anticipate where critical investments will be needed to get your business off the ground.
  • Raising money does not equate to spending it. Manage your business with a bootstrapper’s mindset while maintaining access to a healthy reserve. Invest with confidence in areas of clear priority, but stay mindful of your overall expense base.
  • Consider a wide a spectrum of sources – personal savings, financing from banks, equity investments or personal loans from friends/family, angel or venture capital investors, bootstrapping, etc. – and understand the tradeoffs associated with each.
  • Funding choices are highly personal, driven by a founder’s purpose, desired lifestyle, risk-tolerance, etc. For this reason, there is no single “right” approach to funding your business.

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