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Best Talent
Ready Founder Services brings world-class capabilities and processes for assessing and developing key venture talent—ensuring the right people are in the right roles, bringing their best performance to the startup challenge.

Great talent brings a well-conceived business to life and differentiates it from the pack. Highly skilled team members not only boost immediate performance. They also tend to be well known, respected, and plugged in throughout their industry, elevating the visibility of your business. The right talent can help create a positive talent cycle, where strong performers contribute to an energetic, high performance culture, attracting more high performers, and so on.

In the rush of launching a business, founders often find themselves understaffed. They feel overwhelmed, hurried, and afraid to slow down. This capacity gap can quickly become a capacity trap. Stress builds while energy and productivity waste away and a vicious cycle ensues, captured in a comment by a Ready Founder client: “I’m going too fast and going nowhere at all.”

Why do so many founders fall short when it comes to recruiting and hiring the best talent? First, bringing the best talent on board requires a secure leader who’s willing to surround herself in key areas with people much more skilled than she. Second, finding the right people can be a difficult, labor-intensive process, one the founder can’t fully delegate to others. Under the crunch of time, too many entrepreneurs settle for the first or easiest employee or partner.

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