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Strong Teamwork
Ready Founder Services brings decades of experience to the challenge of assessing and strengthening teamwork among venture founders and stakeholders.

Exceptional startups drive themselves forward with strong coordination and chemistry among the core team. The quality of teamwork among this group—or the lack of it—will either propel your business along its intended path or create emotional and financial drag. As the core team goes, so goes your business.

Building a strong team is a rare achievement. Many investors and founders underestimate the time and skill required and therefore under-invest in this critical area. The path to real teamwork often requires confrontation and healthy debate. As a result, many startup founders talk about teamwork more often than they invest in building it. Unhealthy patterns often go unaddressed, leaving many startup teams no more valuable than the sum of their parts.

Those founders who do invest and succeed in building world-class teamwork create tangible value and a powerful competitive advantage. Team members thrive in roles that play to their strengths. Trust and chemistry lead to great decisions, rapid execution, continuous learning, and a healthy, high performance work climate.

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