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Integrity of Communication
Ready Founder Services provides principles and approaches to help key leaders discuss and resolve the right issues with the right level of skill. We understand that the quality of early stage communication ‘lays the tracks’ of future culture and sets the tone for the business to come.

From a startup’s earliest days, every conversation (and non-conversation) sets a tone and initiates a pattern. What is discussed, what is avoided, how tough issues are raised and resolved—these choices plant the seeds of future culture which, eventually, will grow into a force beyond easy control.

Founders who say they want to build a culture of unedited honesty are tested early and often as to whether they mean it, and many will have neither the stomach nor the skill for it. These environments are rare—first, because they are so difficult to create, and second, because most leaders don’t understand the full competitive advantage of asking the right questions, getting awkward issues on the table, and working through them with skill and clarity.

Instead, there is a psychological pressure to do the opposite. A kind of beggar’s mentality can take hold of founding teams, so grateful for support from partners and investors that they shrink from delivering bad news or acknowledging thorny issues. On any team, it’s usually the challenging conversations that are most valuable, and most needed.

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