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Ready Founder Services helps founders and investors evaluate and improve alignment between key elements of the business system and the venture’s direction and priorities.

New venture success hinges on how well founders and investors engage the energy, talent, and resources of a broad array of stakeholders into shaping a healthy company. Gaining alignment—finding the mutual fit between the skills and interests of key players and the needs of the emerging business—provides a powerful competitive advantage.

Effective venture teams find ways to understand and build alignment in four key areas:
  1. Motivation: How well do the characteristics, needs, and interests of key stakeholders line up with the goals of the business?
  2. Compensation: Are economic drivers of behavior aligned with what’s best for the growing business?
  3. Capability: Are the right people in the right roles, and are they deployed in ways that capitalize on their strengths and cover for weaknesses?
  4. Time: Time is a startup’s most precious resource. Does your team’s commitment of time line up with the venture’s direction and priorities?

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